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  William Nurdin, active pluri instrumentist, born in 1980.

WN, trained as a guitarist and eager of instrumental knowledge, has been studying music since 1993.
Numerous experiences as a singer in various musical formations allowed him to get acquainted with stage and live performance.

Field recordist since the acquisition in 1996 of a MiniDisc recorder.

To nurture his one man band project 'xULFni', NW develops an electro acoustic instrumental set, where analogic synthesizers and goat skinned percussions jam along.

For the past few years, NW has been orienting his project towards concrete music, more specifically Harsh noise, Harsh Noise Wall.

He plays in various musical formations, operating in turn electronic organ, guitar, trumophone.

For seven years, WN has been conducting a free radio program, 'A Propos de Minos', a weekly open stage, aired every Monday -10pm to 1am- live from wherever WN may be.

Either actor, or more frequently video designer (lumino dynamics, mapping...),
WN has a degree (BTS) in sound engineering and informatic networks management.

WN currently lives in Nancy (54), France.



"Cup", Body & Sound brought to Saturation...
NW deploys all his oral energy in a plastic cup, equipped with a microphone connected to different distortion effects. Necessarily implying the use of feedback in sound composition.

VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/playlist_cup
WEBSITE : http://nwwn.tk

Five chronological steps are required to adequately fulfil the aim intended in this ritual:

- Listening : the cup on the heart, heartbeats accelerating along the way.
- Unveiling : Appetizer for the senses, the discovery of the object.
- Wandering : space exploration.
- Falling : fatigue expected.
- Ending : power cut.

The playground is set on the floor, facing the sound system.
The “Wandering” phase aims at emphasizing the space in order to feel the acoustic characteristics of the place.
This is why it is advised that the audience is placed behind NW.
It is also important to specify that the sound system should be of good quality and will face demanding performances in terms of dynamics.

Review by N.Raven :
"NW’s Cup was a noise piece which delivered a delicious mix of screeching sounds and boundless, childlike energy. NW, a male performer, knelt before a mixing desk. Silently, and with a beaming smile upon his face, he dedicated the time to ‘cheers’ every single member of the audience with his plastic cup which came complete with attached contact mic. As he poured water into the cup, sounds of the glugging liquid were projected around the space via his connected speakers – a simple action transformed into an audio event. As the performer drank from a water bottle, he held the cup to his chest; the sounds of the liquid moving downwards along his internal digestive tract was heard around the space, the internal now becoming external. Because he was topless, and I was sitting behind him and viewing his back, I was able to witness the inner workings of his body; lungs, diaphragm, muscles, expanding and contracting as he thrashed about on his knees. As the energy built, NW began to breathlessly moan into the cup. The audio was edited, extended and exaggerated within the space, delivering a deeply melancholic sound which eerily lingered in my mind. As the sound grew to an almost unbearable level, the performer stood up and began to rock back and forth, forcing breath into the cup, skin sweating, eyes bulging, energy expelling from his every pore. As he fell to the floor, screams of exhaustion could be heard faintly in the background of this audio symphony. For me, the joy of this performance came from its apparent simplicity; one man and his cup. The use of silence and stillness at the start of the performance was contrasted well by the extreme energy and high intensity of the enveloping soundscape. I was extremely pleased to see the performer firmly position his own body at the heart of his performance, as all too often noise artists hide behind their various technologies. Here, technology and the body came together in order to produce a well-crafted performative piece with a strong dramatic curve."

N W " C U P " L I V E     T E C H    R I D E R 

- A strong P.A. system with bass subwoofers and one analog mixing desk,
- One power/current extension cable,
- Need to play in the middle of the 2 speakers with the audience, not on any stage,
- The venue must be as luminous as possible.

Duration of the concert : maximum 15 minutes

'FB', WN's latest solo project, is based on magnetic field generated by a GSM connected on Facebook, and sound of money put on the edge of a turntables in movement.

SOUND : http://soundcloud.com/williamnurdin
VIDEO : https://vimeo.com/56095736
WEBSITE : http://williamnurdin.tk

W N " F B " L I V E     T E C H    R I D E R 

- A strong P.A. system with bass subwoofers and one analog mixing desk,
- One power/current extension cable,
- Need to play in the middle of the 2 speakers with the audience, not on any stage,
- The venue must be as luminous as possible.

Duration of the concert : Maximum 30 minutes

GBF + 2 x WOWee ONE on reel to reel loop > AKAI GX-230D (rec) / PHILIPS (play).

SOUND : https://soundcloud.com/rohsprod/le-robert
WEBSITE : http://williamnurdin.tk

W N " Le Robert " L I V E     T E C H    R I D E R 

- A strong P.A. system with bass subwoofers and one analog mixing desk,
- One power/current extension cable,
- Need to play in the middle of the 2 speakers with the audience, not on any stage,
- The venue must be as luminous as possible.

Duration of the concert : Maximum 30 minutes

Contact mic & Contact Speakers.

VIDEO : http://youtu.be/FjYbRPZzEqA
WEBSITE : http://nwwn.tk

W N " Kɑntækt " L I V E     T E C H    R I D E R 

- A Table 1mx1m,

Duration of the concert : Maximum 30 minutes









NONE2013 NW / Tjere UntitledCDr Untitled Productions info
FNSRV XVI2013NwType 13.5" FloppyZAR info
TaSe-3X2013WNIssuesCassetteTape Safe info
AC222013William NurdinCochenilleCS, ltd. 30Autistic Campaign info
TBA2013KrupukSamirasaCassettesTBA info
AFP 0492013WNEnjoyC30 GREEN 12ex AFP 049 info
TBA2013RoHS100 band/25 secondiVinyl 12"TBA info
IFAR2013William NurdinMusique Concrete (volume 8) Comedy and HumourNETIfar info
N142012William NurdinANDREAS N14 - Positive-NegativeNETFraction info
TaSi-022012NWTwo TwentyThree (Part Two)NETTape Safe info
OttoProd2012A Propos De Minos@ La Semencerie (67)CassettesOttoProd info
ZAR372012Agression Sonore / William NurdinNo titlemaster tape C90ZAR info
UP2012A Propos De Minos@ Bourg en bresse (01)Cassettes UP info
UP2012Å & ClougniouleMalale Di MerdaCassettesUP info
HalTapes2012NWOne ShotCassettesHalTapes info
AFP 0352012ClougniouleRisoriusCassettes AFP 035 info
T+0292011-06-30NW35 Copy/Paste3.5" Floppy T+029 info



13 Apr. 2013 | w/NW 'CUP' @ DRMK (SVN-Ljubljana )

06 Apr. 2013 | w/NW 'CUP' @ Tempting Failure (UK-Bristol)

11 Mar. 2013 | w/NW 'CUP' @ Les Instants Chavires (FR-93) + URGE + GAZA X

09-06-2012 | @ L'Elaboratoire (35) + P.Cavaleri / Fuel Insekt / Toys'r'noise

07-04-2012 | @ Instants Chavires (75) + Vomir / A.Bellenger

22-12-2011 | @ Centre Psychothérapique de l'Ain (01)

11-12-2011 | 12am > 8pm @ Pti'Bazar (54) w/xulfni "in da box"

10-12-2011 | 2pm > Midnight @ Pti'Bazar (54) w/xulfni "in da box"

30-10-2011 | @ TREVISO (TO) + Dead Body Collection / Karkastix / Å

29-10-2011 | @ LUSERNA S.G. (TO) + Fukte / Dj Balli / indch libertine / Svartvit

12-10-2011 | @ T.O.T.E.M. (54) + Z'ev / The Noiser

05-07-2011 | @ Salon Bruit (DE) + Simon Redford

19-04-2011 | @ Barsi Barla (54) + Justice Yeldham

20-02-2011 | @ Casa Merda (01) w/Ecoute la merde,Ekunhaashaastaack,Å + Motherfucking

12-12-2010 | @ T.O.T.E.M. (54) w/Nascita-Ri & Poseitrone, Dezroy Adam, Fukte, Å

15-11-2010 | @ T.O.T.E.M. (54) w/Bruital Orgasme,Stann Duguet + Contagious Orgasm

21-09-2010 | @ T.O.T.E.M. (54) + Ecoute la merde + Sanair + Mental Hygiène

14-05-2010 | @ T.O.T.E.M. (54) w/llenn + Donvito + Le Singe Blanc

28-02-2010 | @ Soap box club (54) w/Morve + Duracell

22 > 27-02-2010 | w/llenn + Jean-Louis Costes

29-10-2009 | @ Carlolevi (BEL) + Gokkun + Lifeloop + Mindfuckingboy + Bruital Orgasme

23-10-2009 | @ La passerelle (55) w/xulfni + Nosfell + Filia Motsa

26-09-2009 | @ Souterrain Porte V (54) w/Yann Marussich

17-02-2008 | @ NOPlacard 0_la menagerie de verre (75)

16-02-2008 | @ PlacardBXL_Placard #9 (BEL) + Erik Minkkinen...

03-12-2007 | @ Lillebonne (54) + Will Guthrie & Sébastien Coste

30-05-2007 | @ Kulturfabrik (LU) + Fennesz & Mike Patton

29-06-2006 | @ Le pti' salon (54) w/Guillaume Viltard

20-01-2006 | @ Lillebonne (54) w/Antoine Arlot

02-07-2005 | @ Eurockennes (90) w/Torm

27-05-2005 | @ Trocadero (54) International Bidouille Festival



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